April 1, 2023

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Survivor: Acun Ilicali by Dalaka and Asimina – “We investigated the phone and found no contact”

“Just that he ate the food and tried to send money for that food. But it’s a matter of whether or not that counts as communication,” says Akon-Elikale.

Akun Elkali spoke for the first time about the incident of Katerina Dalaka and Asimina Hatzandreou on a program about Survivor on Turkish TV.

“We had a meeting in Athens. In Greek Survivor there was a problem with communication before. A player has communication somehow outside the rules. I asked the players at this meeting, if something like this happens again, what do you want to do as punishment. Everyone said abortion. And she agreed. I’m friends with all of them. I know them all. I’ve done almost 30 episodes. Well, Survivor started and in week 4-5 I had an incident with Dalaka,” Acun Ilicali said at the beginning.

Akon Elekale said afterwards: “All the players made a big fuss and said we made this deal. Of course, we made this deal, and we had to remove Dalaka and Asimina. I like her very much. Katerina Dalaka is one of the players closest to us. We had to keep them apart because Tension from other players.

But when we searched the phone, we couldn’t find any connection. However, he ate the food and tried to send money for that food. But it is a matter of whether or not this can be considered communication. But because of the other guys, we removed Katerina Dalaka. At that moment with such a situation, the earthquake happened and I collapsed, and I could not go to St. Dominic. Since I could not go to Santo Domingo and stayed in Istanbul, my mind was on the earthquake, and I was focusing on it. After several days they were expelled.

In conclusion, Akon Elcale reported: “I was thinking of returning the issue to the table, but as the days passed, it was not possible to bring back Katrina Dalaka.”