September 22, 2023

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Gerard Pique: “Aeolus’ bag has been opened”

Gerard Pique: “Aeolus’ bag has been opened”

Pandora’s Box opened for his life Gerrard Pique And the guilty secrets of the Catalan footballer began to see the light of day and “stir up” public opinion.

After their high-profile separation and custody of their two children, h Shakira And Pique, it seems, is getting into new adventures, as leaflets come to show the footballer’s “not washing”. More specifically, the new information wants Gerard Pique to lead a turbulent life during his relationship with the Colombian singer.

Journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin, who revealed the interior of the couple’s house, followed every inch of their relationship, does not leave Pique alone, because now he “brings to light” the infidelities of the Catalan ace.

According to Martin, the football player, during his relationship with Shakira, entered into sexual relations not with one, but with 50 women: “He cheated on her not only with Clara Kea, but countless times. Over 50. Shakira is beginning to discover everything. The paparazzi claimed, while also announcing all the relevant details of the Spanish ace’s illegal relationships: “One was in 2012 and 2016 with his ex-partner, Nuria Thomas, and two years ago with a Barcelona nightclub girl and the list goes on.».

The first information about marital infidelity and Bar Refaeli

A few months ago, the first information about Piqué’s infidelities appeared and it was reported that he had an affair with the famous model Bar Refaeli. The name of the model from Israel was involved in the case of the separation of the couple, due to the statements of the Spanish journalist and the paparazzi, who claimed that the footballer and the model exchanged love letters and met after Rafaeli broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio. .

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More specifically, the Spanish journalist noted:The feud between them started because Shakira found messages with Raffaele and they weren’t just letters, there was something else. They have arranged private meetings».

Refaeli bar

From the very beginning when the footballer’s infidelity scandal broke, the journalist took the side of the Colombian singer with a public statement: “For all Shakira fans. I was always by her side. She has also informed her team and close family members. Yesterday I gave her all the information that could help her in this difficult time».

Current sweetheart Clara Kea
As it became known, Gerard Pique is in a relationship with 23-year-old Clara Kia Marty. In fact, although nothing has been confirmed, many international media outlets have shown photos of the couple.

After his separation from Colombian singer Shakira, Pique stopped hiding from the 23-year-old and the two were seen on various occasions, including a concert attended by the family of the former Barcelona player.

Despite the love that seems to have been shared between the couple, recent reports wanted the “thorns” that had been born between them and Clara Kea, not to withstand public exposure. However, neither side has confirmed this information yet.

Ass pique
Gerard Pique’s 23-year-old partner Clara Kia Marte


On December 1, the singer and football player were invited Ratify their separation agreement.

Shortly after they entered the “City of Justice” in the complex of buildings that housed the Barcelona courts and in fact from different entrances, the two resolved what they had to separate, most of all the custody of their children.

According to reports, the agreement states that Shakira will live in Miami, USA, with their two children, Sasha, 11, and Milan, 9.

For Pique, according to the Daily Mail, the law gives him the right to spend up to 10 days a month with his children, with both his travel expenses covered.

What exactly is stated in the agreement of the former spouses

«Gerard Pique will spend time with his children up to 10 days a month and all three applicable holiday periods in the US, except for Christmas and summer holidays.

This Christmas the nursery will be 50% according to the calendar of the Catalan Regional Government and in the following years it will be set according to the children’s school calendar. This is the agreement entered into by the footballer and his partner, Shakira, regarding the custody of their childrenmentioned in the article.

«We have signed an agreement guaranteeing the welfare of our children which will be ratified in court as part of a purely formal processAnd they both made references in their short statements.

«Our only goal is to provide our children with the greatest possible safety and protection and we believe their privacy will be respected. We appreciate your concern and hope that the children will be able to continue their lives with the necessary privacy, in a safe and calm environmentThe statement concludes.

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