April 13, 2024

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Germany and Russia in 'the trenches' over Crimea – Berlin is experiencing deep unrest within the government

Germany and Russia in 'the trenches' over Crimea – Berlin is experiencing deep unrest within the government

Through an intercepted conversation conducted by senior German Air Force officers, Russia revealed yesterday (2/3) that the army of the NATO member state in question was planning to destroy the Crimean Bridge, the longest existing bridge on the European continent. We remind you that ancient Greek Taurida was reunited with Russia in 2014, after a referendum held on the historical peninsula.

Whether or not the plan was drawn up with the knowledge of the German political leadership and the commander of the country's armed forces, the incident put Chancellor Olaf Schulz in the spotlight, raising questions about the role he played behind the scenes in the raging war. . in Ukraine. Questions have returned to the forefront, such as who caused the two strong strikes that the bridge received on July 17, 2023, or who sabotaged the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines.

Russia placed Germany in deep turmoil within the government

By redeploying the talks, Russia told Germany: “I know what you're up to,” throwing it into deep turmoil within the government, and disarming it from any further aggressive moves. Today, the German side, wanting to create an impression, attacked Russia and accused it of information warfare. In particular, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Russia is waging an information war aimed at creating divisions within Germany.

Germany launched Operation Confusion

In other words, trying to divert thought from the essence of the issue, Berlin insists on the fact that Moscow reproduced the intercepted product. But it is ominous that disclosing a plan to directly involve a NATO member state in the war is “a very dangerous thing,” as Schulz himself said yesterday, knowing that it would raise negative suspicions about him if he was quick to downplay the importance of the matter. . He stated that he would investigate the case and provide answers. The audio document that was published, as it turned out, was not the product of an interception operation carried out by Russia. Specifically, the disputed material was in the hands of RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, she announced it herself, and then Moscow highlighted it.

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British media say: “Shame on Germany.”

“A great shame and embarrassment for Germany,” asserts The Guardian in today’s article, while The Telegraph notes that “the German elite is afraid.”

For its part, Russia demands that the answers requested by Soltz be provided immediately. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova indicated that the comments of German government bodies regarding the scandalous recording did not come from their official representatives nor as press statements, but rather as media reports quoted from anonymous sources and were “multifaceted” brutality.”

The diplomat said: “I think the Germans now have a unique opportunity to save themselves, pull this rope and have the official authorities speak directly about what is happening in Germany, about the subject of this discussion and who is leading the country and where.” .

“In Germany, all information is distorted.”

Zakharova stressed that the fragmented reactions of the German authorities show the lack of a unified authority in the country. “The elites, the authorities and the people have no responsibility towards each other and no feedback. This is clear evidence that there is no democracy,” she added.

“There is an authority within the German state body, which is invisible (and unknown) to the German voter and has nothing to do with the electoral system, which now rules in Germany. Germans write about schatenstaat – the ‘deep state’. But all materials on this topic are pessimistic, deleted and censored.” While its authors are described as conspiracy theorists.

The controversial conversation held by Germany's top officers:

The diplomat went on to say that the German media had a single purpose for existing, which was to “support the illusion of public democracy.” Zakharova concluded by saying: “All the information was distorted, its publication was coordinated, and the authorities were exempted from responsibility.”

On July 17, 2023, the Crimean Bridge received two heavy hits