April 13, 2024

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“I was raped for two hours,” says the Spanish tourist who was attacked with her partner

“I was raped for two hours,” says the Spanish tourist who was attacked with her partner

Indian police have arrested 3 men and are searching for 4 others accused of attacking a tourist couple and gang-raping the woman.

Indian police found the couple, who are Spanish nationals, at around 11pm (local time, 19:30 Greek time) on Friday on the side of the road and they appeared to have been beaten, Pitabar Singh Kirwar, Dumka's superintendent of police, told reporters. East India.

He did not reveal the details of the crime or the names of the victims, adding that the two reported to the authorities that their “private parts had been violated” in an incident involving seven men.

The couple, whose names are Vicente and Fernanda, told Spanish television channel Antena 3 in a video interview yesterday, Saturday, that the two men raped Fernanda and beat Vicente repeatedly.

The couple said they camped near where they were attacked because they could not find a nearby hotel.

Fernanda, who has dual Brazilian and Spanish citizenship, said in the interview: “They raped me, one by one, while some were watching, and they continued for about two hours.”

Earlier in the weekend, the couple posted a video on their joint Instagram account describing what happened. On this account they post photos of their motorcycle trips around the world and have nearly 200,000 followers. This clip is no longer available.

In a new video, Vicente and Fernanda, who suffers from bruises on her face, thanked their followers for their support.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said today that it is sending staff to the region and is making contact with the authorities, while the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said that it has sought to contact the Brazilian citizen through the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi and is ready to provide anything relevant. Helps.

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Dumka Police Director Hirwar said yesterday, Saturday, that one of the detainees gave the authorities the names of the others involved. Hiroir added that the forensic laboratory is assisting in the case.