April 18, 2024

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Get a completely free horror game to scare your friends!

Get a completely free horror game to scare your friends!

Do you want to play a horror game with your friends? Then let us tell you that a title has been released (again) in steam And it’s completely free for everyone. More specifically, the last year He also “relaunched” it and returned to its platform valve Fully renewed.

Last year takes place in an alternate reality and is a co-op horror game, with PvP elements, that pits five classmates against a terrifying monster. These characters will have to escape from this single player controlled monster.

It is basically a survival game and similar in style to the hit Friday the 13thy And death in broad daylight.

Last year can be found completely free on Steam If you click this link.

Last year’s description reads:

Step into the nightmare world of yesteryear, where you and four other fellows try to survive, attack and escape a terrifying villain in this unique horror game.

Developed last year by Undaunted Games and Matthew EtovicWho is the producer and head of the studio said the following:

We have always believed in the potential of this title. When we campaigned at Pax East and West in 2018, we saw player reactions and what this game could become. Last year deserves a second chance, and bringing it back to Steam is the first step.

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