June 19, 2024

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Giorgos Daskalakis: New photos from inside the hospital

Giorgos Daskalakis: New photos from inside the hospital

He posted the footage himself on his profile

Giorgos Daskalakis is having a hard time, as he continues to fight cancer. The beloved singer suffers from hospitalization and chemotherapy, but he does not lose his strength and fights his battle every day.

He is also very active on social media and often sends messages to his online friends.

This time he shared a photo on Facebook from inside the hospital and sent his own message.

Good morning my love and have a nice weekend!!!
This is what my friend and I talked about after the exam…
Now wait a few days to see what we’ve been doing with the monster for so long…
I wish health to the whole world and the Virgin Mary is with us…
Amen “.

Check out the photos he shared

The battle with cancer

In December, Giorgos Daskalakis informed his dear friends and fans that unfortunately his health had relapsed and that Christmas had been very difficult for him.

Good morning my love and I wish you a better year!!!

We have completely lost these holy days but your friend has relapsed….

Where you say I have the strength, I have the courage to take whatever you eat smack and send you back to bed feeling useless and powerless to do anything surrounded by anguish and thoughts about the future…

I’m not crying, I know the situation… I’m completely realistic…. You just bow down… And those of us who go through the same Calvary know very well I mean it!!!

I wish health to the whole world and that next year will be just a bad dream!!!

The Virgin Mary is with us, Amen,” he wrote on Tuesday morning 12/27 on his personal Facebook account.

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