May 18, 2024

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Google Chrome: Self-Fixes for One of the Most Annoying User Errors

Google Chrome: Self-Fixes for One of the Most Annoying User Errors

One of the most annoying user errors is fixing itself Google Chrome Thanks to the latest update that has already started rolling out on Windows and Mac.

How many times have you typed an address into the navigation bar and it was wrong and ended up somewhere you didn’t want it to be? How many times have you cast such a spell that took you to a cloned website instead of the original one you wanted to enter? These are all user errors, but the Google browser will now be able to fix them.

So from today Chrome It will check for spelling in URL context will Suggest the website you really want to write It prevents you from going to some unwanted – and possibly malicious – websites. That is, it will be able to correct what you typed and intelligently suggest the URL you want to go to, based on your browsing history.

This is one of many New accessibility features which are added by Google with the new Chrome update and are also being addressed For people with dyslexia, who are learning a foreign language or just tend to make typos.

The defining feature for Chrome mobile users is expected to come in android And iOS Within the next few months, as reported by Google.

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