May 28, 2024

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Google I/O 2023: Announcing the Future of Artificial Intelligence – New Products and Developments

Google I/O 2023: Announcing the Future of Artificial Intelligence – New Products and Developments

As part of Google I/O yesterday, the company showed off the different ways it uses AI, as well as the progress it’s made in generative AI, making its products more useful for everyone.

Right now, Google has 15 products that serve more than half a billion people. Thanks to them, the goal that it set since its foundation was achieved – to organize global information and make it available to the whole world.

Google I/O Ads:

It was a Google Slides presentation about PaLM2a next-generation language paradigm with improved multilingual functionality, realization, and code.

PaLM 2 shows the impact of high-powered models of different sizes and speeds — and that flexible AI models bring real benefits to everyone. The executives emphasized that they are committed to releasing today’s most useful and responsible AI tools, while also working to create the best core models for Google.

Announced new ways to provide more people with more useful information and updates through google search And Google Maps, such as the availability of research laboratories and with a typical example of generative research experience. With new generative AI capabilities in Google Search, it takes less work to search, so you can understand a topic faster, discover new perspectives and ideas, and get things done more easily.

For example, we have a question like this: “Which is better for a family with children under 3 years old and a dog, Bryce Canyon or Arches.” Usually, you can break this question down into smaller questions, sort through the huge amount of information available, and start piecing things together on your own. With generative AI, Google Search can do some of this heavy lifting for you.

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Another example is Immersive viewing And Immersive road view for google maps. The immersive display uses artificial intelligence To combine billions of Street View and aerial photography to create a rich digital model of the world. With this technology, you can see all the information you need about your route at once.

The future of Google Maps, with an immersive view / Image: Google

When you get directions, you’ll see a multi-dimensional experience that lets you preview bike lanes, sidewalks, junctions, and parking lots along your route.

Using the time slider, you’ll see information about the air quality and what the track looks like as the weather changes throughout the day, so you’ll be prepared with a jacket or sunscreen. Whichever mode you’re in, AI and historical driving directions simulate how many cars might be on the road at any given time – because during the afternoon the road can look very different during rush hour.

He also announced that the popular chatbot, coldChatGPT’s competitor, is expanding to 180 countries and is available in Japanese and Korean, and will be able to integrate with third-party systems such as Adobe, Instacart, Wolfram, Khan Academy, and more.

As mentioned, “We want Bard to be a ‘home’ for your creativity, productivity and curiosity – that’s why we work to connect Bard with useful apps from Google and many other partners”.

After asking him In a related interview, we learned that full support for the Greek language is not yet included in the company’s plans.

as presented magic editor, with which users can edit snapshots like professional editors by merging parts of the image. Plus, with Duet AI for Workspace, users can now do more with Gmail, Docs, Presentations, Sheets, and Meet, currently only in English. Also, to help businesses and developers innovate through AI, Google has introduced Duet AI on Google Cloud, as well as new models and features across all Google AI products.

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In terms of combating disinformation, watermark and metadata innovations will soon be incorporated into the latest production models. Google will continue to oversee the manufacturing process of its products and ensure they are secure and private from the start, with the user in control.

The new Google Pixel 7a / Image: Google

Finally, this year’s Google I/O also revealed new information about the Pixel, Android, and how AI is used for features like Creative Compose, Cinematic Wallpapers, and Generative AI Wallpapers. More information here.

Google also introduced a Pixel 7 aAnd pixel fold And Pixel Tabletfor a complete hardware ecosystem, built by Google and using artificial intelligence.

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