June 15, 2024

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Google Maps: The five cool new features

Google Maps: The five cool new features

Google Maps provides greater convenience to the user.

The ultimate navigation tool is Google Maps, which has radically changed the way we move, allowing us to seamlessly reach an unknown destination.

In fact, Google Maps is constantly updated with new functions that make the user’s life easier.

Recently, the popular navigation app has been upgraded further, with 5 new features announced

Don’t forget the “Eco-road” function that allows us to save fuel, reducing the environmental burden, depending on the type of engine of our car.

Immersive display

One of the most impressive new features is the panoramic view, which provides a realistic 3D visualization of the selected route.

Initially, the panoramic view was intended for points of interest (such as museums), but this year Google has enabled photorealistic visualization of roads (Road Panorama) which will be available on Android and iOS devices, initially for the following cities:

Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Seattle, Tokyo, Venice and San Jose.

Find what you want using artificial intelligence

Google Maps search is also a significant upgrade that uses artificial intelligence to find relevant locations based on user interests and needs. That is, if someone is searching for a restaurant, Google Maps will show them options related to their budget, tastes, and availability.

more details

Today, millions of drivers rely on Google Maps to find useful information about traffic, etc.

Soon, this will be easier to do, as the map will be upgraded. In addition to improved colors, there will also be a more realistic display of buildings, which will help him as he tries to orient himself. In addition, among other things, more accurate information will be provided when driving on motorways, for example. For the output that the user should get.

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More information about chargers

Electric car owners will also be satisfied with the Google Maps upgrade, through which they will be able to fully identify charging stations.

The app will show where the nearest stations are, what type of charger they have, how fast they charge, when they were last used, and whether they are empty or busy.

New augmented reality mode

As part of the comprehensive Maps upgrade, Google has renamed the “Search with Live View” feature to “Lens in Maps.” With the help of artificial intelligence, the maps application will be able to recognize through the user’s camera the buildings he is looking at.

For example, if he came out of a metro station and wanted to get to know the surrounding area, he could simply press the lens icon and then raise his mobile phone, scanning the buildings with it, so that he could find out about cafes, ATMs, etc.