July 14, 2024

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Google: Silently Recording Your Voice – How to Turn It Off

Google: Silently Recording Your Voice – How to Turn It Off

How to stop google

There is a hidden function in their accounts Google users This allows the tech giant to quietly record their voices, then store them for other uses.

the Google It saves recordings of web and app activity, along with verbal interactions with Search, Assistant, and Maps that it uses “For development and Improving voice recognition technologies».

However, one Technology expert She recently shared a “cheat code” that she claimed will prevent Google from recording your smartphone activity.

Users must manage their Google accounts and Deselect the options under “Data & Privacy”which, as the expert claimed, will Prevent the tech company from accessing your microphone and camera.

How to disable the feature

Tech entrepreneur Jeffrey Castillo posted a video on Instagram explaining this Users can disable this feature by going to the Google app and clicking on “Manage your Google Account.”

From there, select the tab “Data and privacy” And scroll down to “Set date” And select the section “Web and App Activity”You will see that there is a blue check mark.

Once you click and scroll down, you should notice that the Sound and Audio Activity setting has a blue check mark – uncheck this to stop it from listening Google.

The way that Google continues to track conversations “It is a spoken version of the search engine whenever it receives a command.”Hello Google“, creates the same effect as opening a browser window.

“When she was Set up sound and voice activity “Disabled, recordings of voice interactions with Google Search, Assistant, and Maps will not be saved in your Google Account on Google servers, even if you’re signed in.” Google said in a statement. «If you disable this audio and voice activity setting-Previously saved audio is not deleted. You can delete your recordings at any time.”.

the Google He claimed to only listen to snippets of conversations to get it “wake up words” Which has been programmed for recognition, allowing it to respond to voice commands.

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Although Google and other companies like Amazon and Apple maintain that their assistants, including Alexa and Siri, only listen to commands and marketing efforts, The truth is, it’s still a huge privacy issue.

If cybercriminals gain access to your account or access your smart devices, they can listen to your phone logs and steal information from Google saved data.

Other measures you can take to protect yourself include: Check the apps you download To make sure they come from official stores and not third parties that may contain malware and review app permissions to disable access to your phone’s microphone.

source: foxreport.gr

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