February 22, 2024

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Greece-China 22-9: Serious chore in Doha

Greece-China 22-9: Serious chore in Doha

The women's national polo team defeated China 22-9 and will face Kazakhstan to advance to the quarter-finals at the World Championships in Doha.

the Women's National Water Polo Team Control it China with 22-9 He will have an easy path to qualify for the quarter-finals in the World Championship in Doha.

Greece retained it with its second victory Second place in Group B, Which means that Saturday (2/10, 15:00) He will confront the weak Kazakhstan For a place in the top eight in the competition.

there Monday (2/12, 19:30) He will follow him derby with italy, In a repeat of the short final at the European Championships in Eindhoven which brought Olympic qualification to the national team. In this derby, it will be Italy that will be looking for victory for its Olympic qualifiers.

Instead, China remains in third place and will face defending champions and European champions Netherlands in their crossover match.

After losing to Spain, the national team erupted against China in a match they dominated. The national team players started impressively, finishing the first eight minutes 7-2, They did not stop in defense and attack in a match that witnessed a crazy pace.

The gap gradually opened, and the first half closed at 11-4, It exceeded 10 goals in the third eight minutes with a goal from Asimaki (15-5)let the final come 22-9.

The black point in the match was the expulsion with Elena Xenakis replacing Nong, due to the skirmishes that took place between them in the fourth period. This means that the Greek footballer will not have the right to participate in the match against Kazakhstan, but the damage is minimal.

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The eight minutes: 7-2, 4-2, 6-1, 5-4.

Greece (Alexia Kamino): Diamantopoulou, Eleftheria Ploretto 3, Eleftheriadou 1, Margherita Ploretto 1, Zinaki 1, Asimaki 2, Nino 4, Vasiliki Ploretto 4, Giannopoulou 3, Myriokevalitaki 1, Stamatopoulou, Eleniadi, Trisha 2.

China (Juan Zhan): Jiaqi Zhang,

Group B ranking
1. Spain 9
2. Greece 6
3. China 2
4. France 1

Crossover games
Saturday 10 February

11:00 Netherlands-China (1)
15:00 Kazakhstan – Greece (2)
16:30 Australia-M. Britain (3)
18:00 New Zealand-Canada (4)

Monday 12 February

15:00 USA – Winner 3
16:30 Spain – Winner 4
18:00 Hungary – 1st winner
19:30 Italy Winner 2