June 13, 2024

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Greece National Team: Track C F4 data for the Nations League that concerns them ahead of Euro 2024

Greece National Team: Track C F4 data for the Nations League that concerns them ahead of Euro 2024

Greece “won with its sword” a second chance to qualify for Euro 2024, should it need to, through the Nations League, with Luxembourg or the Faroe Islands now likely to be on the way, if that eventually happens, instead. From Türkiye. Georgia has a likely ‘locked’ place in the other semi-final against Kazakhstan, which is why the October games will be particularly crucial for everyone.

The next qualifying phase is underway euro Which will be held in 2024 in its stadiums Germany Our national team confirms its presence there through the group it faces France, Holland, Ireland And Tarek mountain. Of the five, the first two will have the same number of “tickets” and with the point of view that the Tricolor will not lose (bad lies, they started with 5 x 5 after all), us and “Urani”. .fight for the other.

defeat him Eindhoven We were left a bit behind, perhaps because after losing 3-0, it would be difficult to ‘get’ a draw between us, so with four games left for us and five for Greece. Dutch people We are asked to add at least one more point. However, our task, although difficult, falls within the capabilities and quality of our international players, so how much more so if we win the title on October 16? Holland in New Philadelphia (Needless to say that tomorrow vs Tarek mountain There is no result but victory.

Collectively, until the end of the group, you will be hosting our representative group Tarek mountain (9/10), dated Holland (10/16) f France (21/11), in between will play in Dublin (0/13). On the other hand, “Oranie” will compete in chronological order Ireland Except (9/10), France Within (0/13), Hellas Except (10/16), Ireland During (11/18) f Tarek mountain except (21/11).

Our group ranking (game scores)

France 5 15
Netherlands 3 6
Greece 4 6
Ireland 4 3
Gibraltar 40

However, “Blue and White” won its sword and the second chance to be in it euro through its playoffs nations League, Last summer, he finished first in his group and, at the same time, earned a promotion to the above-mentioned category.

Based on what happened then, it will initially be welcomed on March 21, 2024 turkey If he wins, he will play on the 26th of the same month, at a location that will be determined by drawing a lottery with the winner agricultureKazakhstan. Whoever wins the final will receive a “ticket” to enter their stadiums Germany.

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However, the same applies to the other teams participating in the Track C Final Four Hellas. That is, if they qualify for Euro 2024 through the qualifying tournament, they will be replaced in that specific series of matches by the runners-up of their groups in the National League, provided of course that they are eliminated. For example, if our representative group overcomes its obstacle Holland (the France effectively “seize” the lead) then our place in the playoffs will be taken Kosovo Because if it is blocked etc. (SS in this case is expected to happen).

So yesterday evening (9/8) at Eskisehir the Ozgur Yildirim Ha wren Score a goal that could radically change the status quo. The 21-year-old striker equalized 1-1 turkey In the 88th minute of her match with ArmeniaThis is the result that remained until the end and kept his team at the top of the fourth group, with a difference of “+3” and “+6” from Armenia, Wales respectively, even with more competition.

Türkiye group classification (match scores)

Türkiye 5 10
Croatia 3 7
Armenia 4 7
Wells 4 4
Latvia 4 0

With the non-abstract rationale that Croatian He has the quality but also the ranking position to get one of the two direct ‘tickets’ to his stadiums Germany (They are at “-3” of our neighbors but with 2 games less), the other position is automatically played between them turkey, Armenia, Wales The first collects many opportunities to overcome it.

Until the final match he will play in Wales, Croatian And between them will welcome Latviawhereas it already “possesses” parity with Armenia (So ​​she’s at +4 of it) It’s enough for her to lose up to one Welsh goal to get this one as well. Here is his band Stefan Kuntz He “plays” to finish second in his group.

In this case, if our national team does not achieve anything similar to what it has achieved, first runner-up will be on its way Turks In the Nations League where is the Luxembourg. However, the state representative group is considered the biggest surprise in its preliminary stage euro.

After yesterday’s (9/8) 3-1 draw against it Iceland “catch her Slovakia In second place in the group, she gets a “ticket” to her stadium Germany Even if they win it on October 16, when they host it, they will also get a draw between them. As for the story before this match that he will play Portugal, Iceland However, he will host it Bosnia In the end, he will confront her Liechtenstein. However, bad lies remain the outsider in the group ( Slovaks They also struggle with Liechtenstein), but on the ball no one knows what might happen.

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If anyway and Luxembourg And the turkey They finished in the top two of their groups and our national team couldn’t, and then in the semi-finals of F4 or qualifying, whatever you want to call them, from track C of Nations League We will host them Faroe Islands Who have no realistic/reasonable hopes of doing anything in the qualifying stage (tails of the group with Czech Republic, Albania, Poland, Moldova).

Luxembourg Group Classification (Game Scores)

Portugal 5 15
Slovakia 5 10
Luxembourg 5 10
Bosnia 5 6
Iceland 5 3
Liechtenstein 5 0

But let’s go to the other couple, where I hope we don’t have to worry about Hellas To pass the qualifying stage, the “ticket” to euro.

On the basis of its development Nations League In the other semi-final they will face off agriculture And Kazakhstanalways on the condition that they are excluded from the qualifying tournament.

The former suffered a “heavy” defeat yesterday, with a score of 7-1 Spain And yes, on paper, she is in second place in her group (the first group appears to have been “captured” by her). Scotland), but the specific outcome was essentially a “tombstone” for any relevant insights.

Now he is with Norway, At “-2” and with a match more than the second, “Forías Rochas”, while the above result practically excludes the possibility of “obtaining” a draw between them, even if he achieved an upset in the group final and won in it. Valladolid. Ah, h agriculture It will, barring unforeseen circumstances, be at F4.

Ranking in the agricultural group (game scores)

Scotland 5 15
Spain 3 6
Norway 4 4
Georgia 4 4
Cyprus 4 0

on the contrary Kazakhstan He maintains his hopes of qualifying, because he participates in a very ambiguous group that includes six teams, where after five matches, four of them are “strong” in the Gulf and are only three points away.

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His team Magomed Antiev He will face them to the end and in chronological order northern Ireland (tomorrow, indoors), Denmark (14/10, except), Finland (17/10, except), San Marino (11/17, inside) f Slovenia (11/21, away) And based on her schedule, where she will be the guest of her three direct rivals, she is rightfully considered the underdog.

However, if she defies expectations and ends up in second place, her place in the other semi-final will be taken by Azerbaijan who currently lags in a group with Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Estonia He has no hope of qualifying.

Kazakhstan Group Ranking (gaming scores)

Finland 5 12
Denmark 5 10
Slovenia 5 10
Kazakhstan 5 9
Northern Ireland 5 3
San Marino 5 0

Let’s do a recap. if she National We could not finish first and second in our group – of course it is still in the “trick”, and we can succeed and hope – then it is possible to avoid turkey In the semi-finals of his Final Four Nations League And deal with it Luxembourg or even Faroe Islands. And from there to the other couple agriculture It seems to have a “safe” attitude, instead Kazakhstan It won’t be a surprise. But as long as it works Azerbaijan You will receive an unexpected “gift”.

The qualifying stage will end in November, but the “core” matches for the teams are those that will be held in October. Sure everyone criticizes her, but bad lies about her Hellas is with her Holland which will then be calculated “Half qualification” while the turkey For its part will be hosted next Croatian And immediately after that he will welcome her Latvia.

And in the possibility of collecting four points, it will “embrace” the first place in the group, while Luxembourg Who… will stay in second place and play with him that time Iceland, Slovakia If he wins at least one, he will remain in the “trick”, otherwise he will say “goodbye to dreams.”

Something similar applies, to a large extent, to Kazakhstan Which will be hosted at Denmark, Finland – This is the same number of “finals” – and if he returns to his base with a score of 0-1, his relative hopes will be “cut off” (and perhaps annihilated).