February 22, 2024

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Greek language support in Google's renewed Bard AI based on the Gemini Pro language model – Google

Greek language support in Google's renewed Bard AI based on the Gemini Pro language model – Google

Google announced today the launch of its chatbot powered by artificial intelligence coldis now supported by the global Gemini Pro language model with support for over 40 languages ​​including Greek.

In December, Google launched its new models of genetic AI with the flagship Gemini Ultra, the Gemini Pro “lite” phone, and the Gemini Nano, designed to run on smartphones like the Pixel 8. Meanwhile, the company announced that Bard will now use a specially modified version From the Gemini Pro model for English, which is now expanded to include Greek.

According to the company, Bard and Gemini Pro are highly capable of understanding, summarizing, perceiving, generating code, and programming. In order to simultaneously take the appropriate steps to achieve ethical AI, Google has previously worked with privacy experts, lawmakers, and regulators on this expansion.

Another change that comes with the revamped Bard is the expanded ability to double-check Bard answers in Greek. So, when you “click” on the “G” icon in Bard, it will check the answer and evaluate whether there is any content on the web that supports it. When it is possible to verify the answer in this way, you can “click” on the highlighted phrases and learn more about the content in the Google search, which supports or contradicts the information about it.

Bard has gone through some changes on the backend. At its initial launch in February 2023, it was powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), and later in the year was updated with a new model called PaLM 2, while Bard powered by Gemini Pro will be available in over 230 languages. countries. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Google is planning to rename Bard to Gemini, which will likely be announced at the upcoming Google I/O conference.

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