February 20, 2024

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GTA 6: “Joker from Florida” is once again begging Rockstar Games for money

GTA 6: “Joker from Florida” is once again begging Rockstar Games for money

As we reported, shortly after its first trailer was published GTA 6 The one who drew all the attention to him is the real one “Joker” Florida Its reaction was very strong, demanding millions in compensation from Rockstar Games.

A few weeks later, Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan didn't just give it up, but he did drop his accent after officially asking Rockstar to collaborate. Now, a full two months later, Lawrence has thrown in another “money,” because instead of millions, Now Rockstar is being asked for $100 or $50,000 to voice the character.

Lawrence wants to become the face of the game and represent it at various events and events, categorically stating that he is responsible for the noise the community makes. More specifically, he confirmed in his new video:

GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we need to talk. I won't sue you anymore.


But it's been two full months. two months. You still haven't called me. You didn't send me a message. Let's do what's right. Give me like 50k or 100k, let me voice the character, let me go meet and greet, go to the launch party and sign copies and take pictures with the fans.

We were in the news all over the world. Every blog and every news outlet was talking about me.


I'm the reason the game has so much hype right now. So, Rockstar, Take-Two, GTA, we need to talk…

In case you need a refresher, one of the most talked-about aspects of the first GTA 6 trailer was real news, real events, and real people making fun of them. Among other things, in one of the shots, we see a character arrested by the Vice City police, who closely resembles the real Florida “Joker”. This is the man who went viral in 2017 when he was arrested by Miami police and everyone was amazed by the tattoos he had on his face, including the Joker's smile. Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan had commented on the trailer multiple times on TikTok, saying the character was inspired by him and initially threatening Rockstar with legal action if they didn't give him $1-2 million!

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