February 20, 2024

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Will Microsoft discontinue Xbox consoles? – News

Will Microsoft discontinue Xbox consoles?  – News

In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling about the future of Xbox. In particular, reports from highly reliable sources indicate that Microsoft will discontinue exclusive releases for Xbox consoles, with a new cross-platform approach. The issue took such proportions that some resorted to threats and abusive comments towards Microsoft executives. At the same time, the head of Microsoft's gaming division, Phil Spencer, made statements that the company will soon hold a special “business update event” in which we will learn about the “future of Xbox.”

Things are clearly moving quickly behind the scenes, as it is now known that Microsoft held an internal meeting this week to update all Xbox employees on the path it will take moving forward. In this context, as well open Journalist Shannon Liao, Phil Spencer has made it clear to Xbox employees that Microsoft won't stop making consoles.

Home gaming consoles will remain part of Microsoft's strategyWhich Spencer says will include a “variety of devices.”

Of course, it remains to be seen exactly what Microsoft means next week. To know anything new, you can follow Unboxholics.com.

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