February 20, 2024

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YouTuber created the best real-life PokeDex ever! (Bentio)

YouTuber created the best real-life PokeDex ever!  (Bentio)

If you see them Pokemon Growing up watching TV and avidly playing “cassette tapes” on Nintendo handhelds, you would surely have dreamed of being a coach and having a normal, real life. PokeDexA trained helper for every creature walking in this world.

However, one YouTuber has succeeded and created his own real Pokedex which also includes artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to ChatGPT Inside it is more reminiscent of Pokemon.

The reason behind the talented “Abe Projects” that has gone viral in recent days after leaving the Pokemon community speechless with its creation. In the video he posted, he records the entire process of making his Pokédex, including design, 3D printing, programming, and all the errors and problems he overcame until he tested it.

After he finished everything, he went to test it by placing a Piplup character in front of him (because unfortunately there aren't any real Pokemon there) which he recognized naturally within a few seconds, but also Raichu who he recognized from the image on his computer screen.

Watch the impressive video below:

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