May 21, 2024

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Guerrilla Games: How many layoffs have there been for “Horizon” creators?

Guerrilla Games: How many layoffs have there been for “Horizon” creators?

A huge wave of layoffs in Sony Interactive Entertainment And its broader section Play Station It had an impact on major studios such as… Naughty dog for “unknown” And “The last of us“, the Insomniac games for “Spider Man“And the Guerrilla war games for “Horizon: zero dawn” And “The horizon is forbidden westAs for the latter, we learned new information about the extent to which it was affected by the layoffs.

AD revealed that Guerrilla's headquarters are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands 10% of its workforce, i.e. 40 of its 400 employees, was dismissed. Their latest game, Horizon Forbidden West, was released in 2022 on PS5 and PS4, had over 8.4 million sales by April 2023, and is expected to be released on PC on March 21.

At the same time his report Jason Schreier From Bloomberg reports that Horizon Online, which was announced at the end of 2022, has not been cancelled. As happened with other exclusive PlayStation games from other major studios.

For your information, Sony acquired Guerrilla Games in 2005 to develop games exclusively for PlayStation 2, PSP, and later PlayStation 3. The first game in this deal was Kill zone.

Amid a barrage of layoffs, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it is overhauling the way it does business, as it shuts down PlayStation Studio Londonwhile the studio also shrank significantly Firesprite.