April 19, 2024

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“Ulysses” works and sends data to Earth

“Ulysses” works and sends data to Earth

After announcing on Tuesday (02/27) that the end of his mission was imminent,… American company Intuitive Machines On Wednesday (28/02) he confirmed this The Ulysses spacecraft, the first private spacecraft to reach the Moonlast week, still working – for now.

“Odysseus” “It still collects solar energy on the moon, allowing flight controllers to receive data from the Antarctic region.” The company said in a post on the X platform.

The company said on Tuesday (27/02) that based on its analysis, the ship's batteries will only last for another 10 to 20 hours. Spread it Analyze new solar charging data and use the extra time to maximize actions that will aid in future exploration. The moon explained today.

The company plans to hold a press conference later today to provide more details about this mission.

The boat is powered by solar panels. But because they did not land vertically, as intended, but rather leaned to the side, the panels were not exposed to direct sunlight. but, The mission is considered successfulBill Nelson, head of the US space agency NASA, told reporters.

Although the mission is private, it was largely funded by NASA, which commissioned Intuitive Machines to carry six scientific instruments to the moon. The value of this contract amounted to $118 million.

“We are on day six of a mission that was supposed to last eight days. We are getting data from our six instruments.Nelson explained.

NASA wants to explore this region of the moon before sending astronauts thereAs part of the manned Artemis missions. This region attracts the attention of major powers because it can hide large amounts of water in the form of ice. Fuel can be produced with this water For spaceships or to meet the needs of astronauts on Earth, the Athenian and Macedonian News Agency reported.