June 23, 2024

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Hacker hacks into a Bitcoin wallet worth millions after the user forgot the password for 11 years

Hacker hacks into a Bitcoin wallet worth millions after the user forgot the password for 11 years

In an impressive story from the world of cryptocurrencies, famous hacker Joe Grand successfully cracked an 11-year-old password and opened a cryptocurrency wallet containing $3 million worth of Bitcoin.

A group of geniuses Hackers Finally he opened the wallet Bitcoin Worth $3 million after a man forgot it password For 11 full years

First of all, we all know that forgetting your password is always a headache, but it does not mean the end of the world. This, of course, does not apply to icons Bitcoin wallet Especially when the specific accounts contain a lot of money…

Recently, a group Hackers I was able to “crack” the password to recover huge data Amounts of moneyAfter being “stuck” in the electronic wallet for 11 years.

Electrical engineer Joe Grand, nicknamed “Kingpin” online, is hired to decrypt an encrypted file containing… 43.6 Bitcoin.

the Cryptocurrency The valuables were protected with a password generated by a random password platform called Roboform – but the password has since been lost.

The anonymous owner was worried that someone would hack into his computer and get the password – and eventually get access to it Cryptocurrency With large sums of money. “she [την] “At that time, I was really paranoid about my safety.”He mentioned.

His friend asked him big His help after he became known to the community in 2022 for helping another cryptocurrency owner regain access to over $2 million in cryptocurrency that he thought was lost forever.

the big He says dozens of people have previously contacted him asking for help in recovering the lost treasure. However, Grand decided to reject several of them for various reasons, but decided to help this particular anonymous owner in his search.

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At the time the owner lost access to the account, the bitcoin was worth between $3,000 and $4,000.

But with the price of Bitcoin rising more than 20,000 percent, the owner decided to turn to Grand.

So big Use a tool developed by National Security Service From the United States (NSA) to crack the password platform code and finally succeeded.