June 23, 2024

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Silent Hill Transmission: Everything Konami announced at the big event

Silent Hill Transmission: Everything Konami announced at the big event

After a few minutes Playing status From Sony, Konami He implemented it Silent Hill transmissiona special event focusing on its franchise silent hill. In it, the future of the series was revealed, in terms of video games, as well as the upcoming movie, which is expected to be shown in theaters in the future.

First, let’s just say that Konami didn’t show off much from the next big game in the series, Silent Hill f, nor did Silent Hill: Townfall. Instead, we learned more about the Silent Hill 2 remake, which will be released for PC and PS5 October 8.

The presentation kicked off with Silent Hill 2, where Konami revealed 13 minutes of gameplay footage and once again showed off James Sunderland’s brutal journey as he roams the city. However, there was information about pre-orders.

Those who purchase the Deluxe Edition of Silent Hill 2 will be able to play the game from October 6, 48 hours earlier, while also getting a digital art book, Akira Yamaoka’s soundtrack, as well as some cosmetic items for the game. We’ve also seen developer notes from the development team, Bloober Team, as well as from the game’s staff.

In addition to Silent Hill 2, Konami has also released the first image from the new film Return to Silent Hill. Christoph Ganz of Silent Hill (2006) is in the director’s chair. He wrote the screenplay with Sandra Vu Anh and William Joseph Schneider.

Although Return to Silent Hill is essentially a reboot as far as the film projects in the series are concerned, the film is based more on the game’s most popular chapter, Silent Hill 2.

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Movie stars Jeremy Irvine In the role of James, a man mentally broken when he loses his beloved Mary, which he plays here Hannah Emily Anderson.

Watch the official first look of the film below:

Here is the official synopsis for the film: When he receives a letter from his lover inviting him to visit Silent Hill, James finds a fictional town transformed. During his desperate search for Mary, he encounters some terrifying creatures and the mystery is revealed about what happened to the town he once knew. As he delves into the darkness, the secrets he uncovers lead him to a terrifying truth.

Return to Silent Hill is being produced by Davis Films and Hassell Free Productions, but the film does not currently have a release date.

See everything revealed in Silent Hill Transmission via the player below.