June 2, 2023

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Hadzido about a Greek singer: “We went on stage and I felt his hand on [email protected]@, I demystified him” (vid)

The singer and presenter revealed about a bad incident she had.

h Eleni Hatzidu On the occasion of a video that aired on Breakfast @ Star, she revealed her own unpleasant experience with a singer who – as she said – had a huge crush until then.

Specifically, in the video, Thanos Petrelis talks about the incidents that happened to him during his career.

Then the singer and presenter proceeded to reveal an incident that happened to her: “Unfortunately, I will take the blame for it. I had such a bad experience on stage with a singer that I even flagged and debunked her. We got on stage and I felt his hand on my ass and that was the worst thing I ever went through in my life besides another similar incident of course a shepherd came into the dressing room and did the same thing and got kicked out».

«I have since debunked it. I did nothing, and did not continue. Of course, as soon as I saw him, I changed my ways, because I had always thought he might do it again. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever been through. We’re not talking about the fact that he might do it again. That’s probably why nothing happened“, I finish.

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