June 13, 2024

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The Land of Olives: The revelation will change many scales

The Land of Olives: The revelation will change many scales

in last night’s episode series Mega’s “Land of Olives” We’ve seen how: Athena, Haido, Margarita, and Lycurgus have arrived in Sounio, and Maria does everything she can to have fun. Aspasia tries to get close to Irene, but she falls into a wall, as the little girl becomes suspicious of her. Antonia reveals to Alcmeni that she is ready to give up her life in Athens and move to Mani permanently with her.

Stathis “orchestrates” a fake romance to help Potis win over Anna. Isidoros learns that Demosthenes intends to sell his olive grove and prepares to express his interest. Yulia, however, who does not want Stathis to be without work, He has other plans.

the “The land of olives» Tonight comes on Mega at 21:00 with a shocking episode full of suspense and twists.

In particular, we will see how: the group in Sounio spends carefree moments and Athena suggests that they arrange to go on a trip together to the Norwegian fjords. Eve is worried about Ares because he has been disappearing a lot lately, completely unaware of his involvement in illegal activities. Alcmeni asks Myrtali to hire Antonia in a cosmetics lab because they need help. Aspasia suggests that Aretie also go to the psychiatrist for sessions, believing it will benefit her. Julia asks Demosthenes to buy his olive grove, but to keep it a secret from Stathis. Philip, worried about the persecution Irene receives from her father, reveals to Statis, on his nerves, his kinship with her.

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