June 12, 2024

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Halkida: 4-year-old girl trapped in car

Halkida: 4-year-old girl trapped in car

A man was found locked in a car parked in the center of Salgita with the windows closed 4 year old girl.

According to reports in evima.gr, the incident took place last Wednesday (27/09) afternoon. In particular, a citizen found a 4-year-old girl locked inside a car that was actually double-parked on Constantinido Street, parallel to Haina (the main street of Salkita).

There were incessant cries and screams of the girl caused a mobilization of the citizens, when it found itself trapped in the IX. Must sit in the passenger seat.

The concerned authorities were immediately informed about the release of the child.

As mentioned in evima.gr A citizen saw the girl and took steps to save her: “I was shocked, at 19.00 in the afternoon I went out to throw the garbage in my neighborhood and suddenly when I was turning I heard a child screaming loudly. I look left and right and I don’t know anything. Suddenly, when I was walking a little distance, a car I saw the double parked and there was a 4-year-old girl inside and her parents had left her in the passenger seat with the windows closed.”

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