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Mesolonghi: Mourning at funeral of woman mutilated by meat grinder – Newsbomb – News

Mesolonghi: Mourning at funeral of woman mutilated by meat grinder – Newsbomb – News

Medium length: In Evinochori, Etoloakarnania, the last “goodbye” – reasons for sadness are sought – are examined by a meat grinder

On Friday 29/9/2023 Ljubiana-Anna Batsevani, a 50-year-old immigrant from Albania who died in a terrible accident at a butcher shop in Mesolonghi, was buried in the Holy Church of Agios. Saralambus at Evinochori, Etolokarnania on Sunday at 17.00.

The unfortunate woman, who had separated from her husband from Albania, had been living in the area for two years with her two children, her 18-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.

His body was discovered half an hour before the pilgrimage to the holy temple and the exodus was performed by Mr. Conducted by Damaskinos.

The causes of sadness are sought – the meat grinder is examined by an expert

In an attempt to shed light on the tragic death of the woman, the police He took the camera shots The shop was sealed off so that the meat grinder could be examined by an expert to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

According to the information it is not one Cutting machine We usually see it in meat shops but a big meat grinder, a big mouth for processing meat, is located at the back of the shop.

Some early estimates suggest where the woman was crouching He was cleaning the machineMaybe some button was pressed and it sprung into action grabbing her hair.

The owner was arrested

In the context of Investigations for Tragedy, He was arrested Owner The butcher, according to the police, suffered a wrongful death due to an occupational accident. According to his father, the machine has a safety switch and runs only twice a week.

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“It has a safety switch and a common one. We always download the common ones. The safety is down, but it looks like the girl raised it so she could turn it the other way, what happened by accident”His father said Owner.

The Fire department After 2 hours they managed to free the unfortunate lady from the machine. The body of the 50-year-old mother of 2 minor children has been taken to Patras for an autopsy, while the funeral is expected to take place in Evinochori in the next few days.

According to the police report on the history of the gruesome incident at the butcher shop in Messolonghi, 50 years old She went to clean the meat grinder and in the situation that was investigated, her head got caught early.

Then, as she tried to free herself, she got caught in the meat grinder and hand. Immediately, the fire department was informed and the woman was rescued and taken to the hospital where she was declared brought dead.