February 27, 2024

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Handcuffs in the back pocket Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Handcuffs in the back pocket Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis believes that the recipe with which Olympiacos shot Real Madrid should be the compass for the road to Kaunas.

How many times, since the beginning of the year, have I written this o Olympic Does he get confused and lose his way when he’s chasing down the wrong records? In a 6-month, 34-game marathon, the story wouldn’t keep the shed Teams that will fill in the stats by assists and by points.

Those who have handcuffs in their back pockets and manage to cause short circuits on 85-90 point attacks will come out in the foam. the sixty that “achieved” Real Madrid The Faliro double digits contains everything one needs to know about this year’s Olympiacos.

Teams that can win the derby (by 13 points) have 23% on three-pointers, 63% on shots, 73 active points, and With their leading scorer stuck at 0/6 perimeter shots. Do I remind you of last year’s final result? Real effects 58-57 in Belgrade.

Of course, this is only half the truth. In Madrid, three months ago, Olympiacos won 89-87, while its offensive performance so far this year threatens historic records that have stood for decades. However, the money in the bank is the defense, which chops off the opponent’s legs and makes the field look very small in his eyes.

Wasn’t that what Real Madrid tried to do tonight? But in her case, Hands felt wood and minds foggy. a Chose Mateo I brought to Valero a team that was hopelessly behind in creation (absence “Shatsu” And Williams Goose), she was forced to bet only on her players’ invisible bodies, as if she was playing rugby instead of basketball. The build-up, hit-and-run control wasn’t even there to damn it.

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the Hanja his trademark Kostas Slukas And you couldn’t even see it. the Yabuchel was chasing him Thomas Walkab and collected 18 points. For most of the match, Real Madrid played with only one ball handler (Kosher the Yule), with the “twos” who risked losing the ball in the first dribbling (Moses, Hzonia), in very ancient forms where leventogers coexisted Rudy And Yulewith fives that hid the sun but ran in quicksand.

The Olympiacos regional players were kicking the Spaniards They were walking to the parking lotwithout being too afraid of him Tavares: Slokas 11 with 6 assists, McKissick 8 with 3 foul shots, walk towards 18 After many praises, apart from the work of such dignitaries as o blackwhich sparked awe when Real Monsters went outside to collect Unmixed.

Olympiacos earned 42 points from its regional players, but also had +7 rebounds, 14 offense and 57% on 2-pointers. No real player can claim any damage, such as all 12 of his points Tavares Most of them were scored at the start of the match, with a total of 4 fouls.

Methodical Olympiacos have never had a player with more than 27 minutes of involvement, no black holes like the ones who saw their legs in previous matches. After 19-20 in the 12th minute, Real Madrid did not achieve more than 0-5. No matter how hard he tried, he could not drag Olympiacos into a game that did not suit him.

as long Chose Mateo He was desperately searching for solutions to his gold-paid seatthe George Bartzokas He was coming off a deep on deck backup capable of collecting 9 rebounds in 15 minutes. the Tariq Black I played almost as much Mustafa Fall. How many have noticed that Vyzenkov, Makisek and Larentzakis combined to hit 0-on-11 three-pointers?

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January twentieth and Olympiacos leads the standings, with a draw against Real Madrid, with a brace against Barcelona, ​​with +27 against Fener, with an amazing path, with a place in the standings that oppresses him instead of tempting him! but because euroleague That being the case, with Bayern in this world celebrating the conquest of Istanbul, Olympiacos must protect their achievements like the apple of an eye, and keep their clothes on to own them all.

Tonight he won and performed his apotheosis, put on a show of strength, returned to first place and enjoyed sweet champagne on Friday. However, if he loses to Real Madrid, it is an unlikely scenarioYou will fall asleep equal to it Monaco And the…Zalgiris. So?