April 13, 2024

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Handing over the bronze medal and message about the Tempe tragedy

Handing over the bronze medal and message about the Tempe tragedy

Emanuel Karalis was in seventh heaven while awarding the bronze medal in the pole vault at the World Indoor Track and Field.

Emanuel Karalis won the bronze medal in the pole vault final at the World Indoor Track and Field and made history, as it was the first medal of his career at this level.

The Greek champion showed that he is capable of rising to higher levels, as he made promises to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris next summer.

After the match, the medals were distributed, and Manolos felt overjoyed when he saw the bronze medal on his chest.

At the time when Emmanuel Karalis received his medal, the television lens turned to the Greeks who were “present” at the award ceremony. Some of them carried signs with a message about the tragedy that occurred in Tempe.

The battle of his life

In his most important match of the season, Emanuel Karalis was able to deliver his best performance of the year and win the bronze medal at the World Championships in Glasgow.

The young man cleared a distance of 5.85 meters to get the bronze medal, in a race that may have started slowly for him, but ended perfectly.

The 25-year-old managed to reach a height of 5.50 metres, and then chose to rise to 5.65 metres, a height at which he had to make two jumps. The athlete then exceeded 5.75 meters in the second, and 5.85 meters in the first, a height that secured him a place on the podium. The bar was then set at 5.90 metres, which the athlete failed and then attempted twice at 5.95 metres, in order to get a place higher than third.

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The “silver medalist” at the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul won his first medal at a world championship and achieved it in a year in which the goals rose. In the summer, the athlete will be invited to claim excellence at the Olympic Games and of course the European Championship.

Mundo Duplantis has another World Championship win, but it's tougher than he's used to. Al-Suwaidi won with a distance of 6.05 metres, after earlier surpassing third place with a distance of 5.85 metres, second place with a distance of 5.95 metres, and third place with a distance of 6.05 metres. Sam Kendricks came in second with a distance of 5.90m and only missed jumps at 5.95m (two jumps) and 6.00m (one jump).

Karalis traveled to Glasgow with 5.72m, and today smashed his own indoor record of 5.86m, while also threatening the open record (5.91m).

In fact, he had his best performance at a major event, with his best jump to date being 5.80m at the Tokyo Olympics and World Championships in Birmingham in 2018 where he finished fifth.