July 22, 2024

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Happy as a Prince in Europe: Charlie Hebdo’s sharp illustration

Happy as a Prince in Europe: Charlie Hebdo’s sharp illustration

With finance scandal in the heart of europe taking over proportions and waiting to be decided on Eva KylieThe Charlie Hebdo It hangs very sharply fee Qatargate on its cover.

The drawing shows a particularly happy Emir of Qatar, with two women sitting at his feet, banknotes spilling from their clothes. Wanting to comment in a scathing way on the scandal that hits the heart of Europe, Charlie Hebdo portrayed the matter in a sexist way.

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At his right leg sits a woman in a dress bleeding money, while to his left sits another older woman in a suit. And this woman’s clothes overflow with money.

Sharp commentary by Charlie Hebdo on Qatargate

“Happy as Emir of Qatar in Europe!” are the words attributed to Katarian. He adds “with the chest” and “with the deputies” with his cartoonist Charlie Hebdo For trying to pun on the French words “putes” (prostitutes) and “deputes” (MEPs).

Charlie Hebdo massacre

French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted for a cartoon on January 7, 2015. Two Islamist gunmen then attacked the magazine’s offices, killing two.

Twelve people were killed in the horrific attack, including members of the magazine’s editorial team. Many were injured, including four seriously.

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Among the victims were cartoonists Sharpe, Capo, Honoré, Tignos Wolinsky, economist Bernard Maris, editors Elsa Kayat, Mustafa Aourad, Michel Renault and Frédéric Boissot, and police officers Prinsolaro and Mirabet.

A terrorist attack that was considered horribly brutal by the then President of France, François Hollande.