April 24, 2024

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“He made a dancer friend who I hired and she took my job.”

“He made a dancer friend who I hired and she took my job.”

Her ex-partner… Marina Satti And a well-known choreographer Tasos Ziarchoscommented for Breakfast@star on the Eurovision song, the similarities with Pitsiniaga and their rivalry.

“It's 100% Marina Satti. I didn't like the picture a bit, and it's a different Athens than the one we like and Greece is a bit hot. It's understandable. He started out as an Indian from the depths of Bollywood and India. Likes. 'I don't like it, but I like what I hear,'” he said. Tasos Ziarchos in the beginning.

“Musical art has no rules. You can bring in 5 verses, a chorus. It has no charges. Must we be standard? Because Phoebus made them so, must they always be so? Let's go for a high five. I like it and I don't like it.” The song does not refer to Stefanos Petsiniagas. He has nothing to do. Efi Druza took the opportunity to say something.

Marina and I don't talk because we're not somewhere. We are both in our first steps. When it became a hit and we left it at that. If we met… I wasn't bitter about not getting paid so much as I was about to lose my job because a dancer I hired turned her into a companion and took my job. I'm more bothered that people are trapped into taking the opportunities you've created for yourself. We are both very dynamic and very intense kids. “We both carried a shield and stayed away from each other,” Tasos Ziarchos added.