May 22, 2024

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He put the phone away and left. Do you want to make me crazy?

He put the phone away and left. Do you want to make me crazy?

Caterina Kenorgiou nervously left the group, after an on-air disagreement with her editor-in-chief. It was the reference to Barka-Tsagridis that angered her.

An embarrassing scene occurred on the “Super Katrina” program on Friday morning (01/03), when… Katerina Kenorghiu She nervously left the group, leaving her partners speechless.

It all started when the program aired an excerpt from podcaster Lakis Lazopoulos, who commented on what happened last week in the news and stated, among other things, In the kisses of Danai Barkas and Filippos Tsagridis that went viral.

Before the video, Caterina Kenorghiu had time to talk about the topics she “touched on” in her podcast: “He also said something I didn't like, but in any case, I won't go into that process, because I haven't talked about this case at all. He probably has false information and information.”

After watching the excerpt in it What he said about the pool of Tsagridis was not played outHer colleagues began to comment on Lakis Lazopoulos' words.

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When it was her turn to comment, Alpha presenter said: “I don't want to comment on that at all because we have had many conversations with Lakis abroad and I appreciate him very much. He is a very beautiful mind.” But because he said things that upset me… I don't want that. I don't want to deal with it at all. I said I won't answer and I don't want to comment on any of that. We won't play with them, of course. I do not want”.

that moment, Andreas Microtsikoswho didn't understand exactly what was going on and what the host was referring to, wondered if there were other excerpts from the podcast that weren't played on the show.

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Afterwards, Katerina Kenorgiou began talking (and fighting) with the show's editor-in-chief, Themis Malis. “So I wanted to say something, Themis. I'm teasing you; Andreas doesn't know. I have to speak my mind on this show if you don't mind? Play it. Do you want to drive me crazy? Play it. I can't go on like this. Hey. Finish the rest “ said sternly, Caterina Caignorgio, who dropped the phone and left the group, while the voices of the editor-in-chief could be heard from inside.

The announcer later came back after commercials and said: “I'm here my beloved viewers! Sorry. Sorry! We had a personal disagreement and I wanted to resolve it. I'm sorry to leave, but it's so happening that you can see me being very upset and a little sad. “These things happen.”

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