May 22, 2024

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Julia Consul: Kyriakoula is dead! The conclusion of the episode that “froze” Twitter

Julia Consul: Kyriakoula is dead!  The conclusion of the episode that “froze” Twitter

Viewers are eagerly watching the Julia Consul series, especially everything related to the future.

The scenes that unfold after Georgikis's murder are more shocking than the others as information explodes like “bombs.”

Kyriakula, as seen in tonight's episode (2/29), went for her check-ups at the hospital and the doctor doesn't seem optimistic.

We have not yet discovered exactly what she is suffering from, but the constant fainting she suffers from is not just optimism!

On the other hand, Filio is now ready to marry Grigoris after a big “yes” from Stassinopoulos at the consulate.

Kyriakoula's death and Velius's secret affair

Years later when everyone's lives were theoretically made up, we see them living parallel lives.

The murder of Georgikis has a big question mark as the perpetrator has not been found yet!

Yulia lost her ability to speak due to the trauma she suffered and is in the hospital in a state where she cannot communicate with the environment.

Gregoris got lost but came back and even went to the hospital!

So, at the end of the episode, we saw Kyriakula in the ICU with her heart slowly stopping.

Her heartbeat was gradually decreasing, and after a few seconds it stopped! And that will be the end of it.

At the same time, Filio has an affair with the local doctor Argyris, with whom she finally begins a secret relationship.

Twitter followed with an “ice cube” the developments that would come, asking the channel to have more days to show the series.

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