May 21, 2024

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He was flirting with me and Dionysus didn't know it

He was flirting with me and Dionysus didn't know it

Katie Garbe spoke emotionally about the loss of Roberto Cavalli on television on Saturday evening, April 13.

From her position on the “J2US” program, the singer and competition judge appeared creatively for the designer, to whom she revealed that he was flirting with her while she was with him in a helicopter.

“What I'm wearing is Roberto Cavalli. I wore it in honor of my favorite designer who passed away yesterday. I'm incredibly sad and touched. I loved him so much and I think he loved me too.” He said at first.

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The singer then addressed the designer's house, saying: “It's one of those houses we see and are in awe of! There are no houses like this. This hospitality…this whole thing just blew my mind! The whole group went for a photo shoot for a magazine with Dionysus (S. Sheena). One of the most charming men I've ever met.”
Regarding the courtship she subsequently received from Roberto Cavalli, Katie Garbe said: “We were in the air in his helicopter and the guy was flirting with me, and Dionysus didn't know. We were at the top and he was at the bottom».

The singer's “farewell” to the designer

Roberto Cavalli died at the age of 83 in Florence, and in the last few hours, the entire fashion world not only said goodbye to him.

Katie Garbey had to share with her Instagram followers a photo with the designer, from 2002. At that time, she had traveled with Dionysus Schinas to Florence, where Cavalli also hosted them.

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In the caption of her post, the singer describes the designer's luxurious home, but also how welcoming he is to her.

In more detail, Katie Garbe wrote:

“A click from the photo shoot we did for L'Officiel with Roberto Cavalli in 2002. We traveled to Florence with Dionysus and the whole team and he hosted us at his house, a palace located in a spacious green area. I remember him putting me in his helicopter and taking me for a self-guided ride. I remember a house of incomparable luxury and the likes of which I had never seen before. I remember a huge cage with wonderful parrots that chattered all day long. I remember he was making spaghetti for us to eat. I remember… He was incredibly charming. I admired him, I loved his clothes, and he… My favorite designer. The world of fashion is poorer than today… Reposa at the pace of Roberto Amore Mio (Rest in peace, Roberto, my love)».

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