June 26, 2024

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“I have no life from now on…”

“I have no life from now on…”

Haido and Vasiliki are drowning, as we will see in the second part of the series “Land of Olives”, in remorse and guilt, and all they wish for is to be able to go back in time.

Vasiliki, in addition to her pain of losing her lover, lives in guilt that their last moment together was a fight. “He told me that I was suffocating him… and that he was not happy with our marriage. If we had not quarreled, if he had not left the house that day…” he said to Ariadne.

She tries to calm her down so that she is not tormented by these thoughts that lead to nothing. “Vasiliki is not involved in this operation. Nothing has changed, believe me. What happened to Philip has nothing to do with you…”

On the other hand, Haidu, as we will see in “Gi tis Elia,” is tormented by remorse and blames herself. “I've been arguing with him lately. I always found him wrong… Bullshit… He was a little kid and I treated him like he was my age. Since the day he lost his father, he took over everything. I was… I push him too…I was so hard on him.” She then goes on to say that she wishes she could go back in time and tell him how proud she is of her. To tell him how much she loves him..

“I was very lucky because God deserved to give birth to such a boy.. and I argued with him all the time.. I was ungrateful.. and he did not say a single word. She would bow her head and say, ‘Okay, mother,’ and kiss me…” she says to Lycurgus and continues, “Lycurgus I can't live… I have no life from now on…” He hugs her with love and tries to give her the strength to bear the burden that fate has in store for her.

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