June 19, 2024

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Nikos Karvelas sets out for Tempe, democracy and the killing of women (video)

Nikos Karvelas sets out for Tempe, democracy and the killing of women (video)

The man who may have made money, but squandered it in the name of creativity and music, spoke with impeccable honesty on topics no one else would dare.

Nikos Karvelas was a guest on The Natalia Germano Show at noon on Saturday, April 13, just days after his much-discussed interview with Nikki Limberakis.

The composer did not mince his words, and was once again a catapult, describing the Greek Parliament as a toilet, a cesspool that receives sewage from the Greek people. Even justice did not escape his fire, as he said: “H He added that justice is something to be despised. “The people choose who will defeat them. Power means bad»

Nikos Karvelas also took a position on what happened around the Tempe tragedy and accused Adonis Georgiadis of hypocrisy regarding the tragedy. “These people must be held accountable and suffer a lot“, he said. In fact, he called the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport responsible for Tempe. In fact, he quipped: “No one will be convicted, they have the trick with the Ministers' Responsibility Act.”

References to the church and to the women who rush daily…

On the occasion of his new book – an ode to women, Nikos Karvelas spoke about the violence that women suffer, which is clearly not only physical. At a time when some people in interviews were copying the artist's gases (listen, listen) at the time Karvelas stated the obvious. “Women should hate Pericles and Solon and all these». “Women are 'in a hurry' every day and that will not change. We are all 'distorted ballerinas, and morals are shaped by men,'” he said.

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He also said: “The Christian religion commands women to fear men, so they go and crucify themselves.”

“The Church maintains the motto of Christ, 'Do you also love one another?'” He added, “He never said kill, sacrifice. Christ would never say kill the infidels. This man, this man, I don't know what it is.”

He described the church as a for-profit organization He even said: “The gods are things made by man.”

I am not an orderly, I belong to the order, and I have no money

The fact that he once sang in a store and got one euro – because Nikos Karvelas revealed that he felt bad because people were paying to listen to him

«Whoever says he is against the regime is stupid. Those who oppose the regime live inside the regime. An anti-regime man lives outside the city in the mountains. So I'm a regular too. That's why I also try as much as I can to be anti-system with things that come to me spontaneously.”

«I worked 2-3 times in my life. I played the singer. Remove this from the record please. I was getting as much money as I remember and I felt really bad. “A lot of times I was terrified that new people would come in and leave a lot of money, and I would end up with a bunch of money.”

«I once decided to perform without money. The Ministry of Culture told me that you have to take it because of the regulations. I tell them, “Well, what's the minimum I can get?” They tell me 1 euro. And I told them, “Okay, put in €1. People would come and beat me up because I said the things I was saying.”

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“I don't choose to be anti-system, my mind works that way based on the idea of ​​justice that I have and so many times I remember when I got – I did the singer two or three times that life worked – I remember I got a lot of money and I felt so bad. I mean this Really, I never lie and often, not every day, but I felt bad when I saw new people coming and leaving what money they had left, and I ended up making a bunch of money, which is wrong.”

Concluding the above, Nikos Karvelas asserted: “I have no money, I am not an orderly, I belong to the order willingly or not».