May 18, 2024

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The request has become a reality: the return of “Scorpio for You” (Video)

The request has become a reality: the return of “Scorpio for You” (Video)

After the popular uprising, Marina Bobitsy returned to the “Scorpio” bar.

News that Marina Bobitsi He was kicked out of the Scorpio bar. The girl I became diffuse With video“Scorpio is yours, Pam.” In an interview she conducted, she revealed the end of her cooperation with the bar.

The reason, according to her, is the owner's jealousy Maria Yordanova After the big exposure she got through the video that made her widely known, despite the fact that they had been friends for many years.

«Maria Yordanova stopped me from the store. She didn't like people coming up and asking about me. They were saying, “Where's the brunette that says Pam?” He wanted to reap success for her and the store. I think it aroused jealousy and hatred. Too bad, because we've known each other for many years“, he told On Time newspaper.

But the owner gave another version. “I fired her. He turned the shop upside down. He got drunk one night and started cursing at everyone and throwing glasses. I have known her for fifteen years. We know what happens when he drinks. It's happened several times. We have received complaints from customers. I had to fire her because she was running the store up and down. And the world that has experienced it knows it».

This news sparked strong reactions, following popular demand and uproar on social media Marina He returned to the “Scorpio” bar.

owner Maria Yordanova Welcome her back to the bar with a series of stories. “Return our collectible model please! Bam“He said with her Marina Scorpio enters, smiling again.

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As the following videos show, there is a misunderstanding between… Marina Bobitsi And the Maria Yordanova It has passed in the past. “Hey my model! Bam!” As the comments fall… rain.