April 24, 2024

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Surviving candidates 4/4: Huge poll! Vote for the player you want to leave!

Surviving candidates 4/4: Huge poll!  Vote for the player you want to leave!

Sportime continues to enable downvotes on which player you want to see eliminated from Survivor on Thursday's episode.

Survivor 4/4 appeared: This Survivor It has no public vote. Now, the competitive part decides which player will leave. We haven't done that yet Survivor spoiler. What we don't know is what it will do. vote!

Delivery to Sportim Continue. Back in the day, the public vote is on Survivor We had the possibility of an affirmative vote. We wanted to see what would happen from the other side. That was the reason we stuck with it and we will have it again this year.

Once again, women are at our disposal. Ira Antomayet, Ioana Tzavela, Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou, and Stavroula Chrysaidi They are the four candidates to leave. We didn't expect women to be on tacos this week. But this is what the celebrities chose.

Stavroula in a duel for the first time. The rest are players who have gone through this process again. It had been a while since Ioanna had last seen her. While last week Chrysa and Aira were in the same situation. Chrysa will be going for the fifth time.

Who would you want to leave their survival game? sky; But it is important that you tell us your own opinion. Leaving this time…

Surviving Candidates 4/4: Who do you want to leave behind?

Below you have the option to vote for the player you don't want to be in Survivor 2024.

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