April 23, 2024

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It was the darkness of “rock and roll nostalgia” that led him to court

It was the darkness of “rock and roll nostalgia” that led him to court

The profound traumas and personal transformations – sometimes to a dangerous degree – caused by alcoholism, the difficult struggle with addiction, the lifelong struggle, but also the difficulties and risks faced by those close to the addict were highlighted yesterday by the court's legal adventure. Well-known songwriter Yannis Yukarini He appeared in court yesterday, accused of trying to harm his 47-year-old wife after she complained a few hours ago.

This adventure may have had a happy ending for the couple who left the courtroom hugging each other, talking about a minor quarrel, and attributing the general extent to which the case had reached the exaggeration of some MME, but what was heard during the hearing was the ex officio ruling in the case but also what he stated in the past He turns 69 today. 'Nostalgic for rock and roll' It proves how delicate the balances are for an alcoholic man, even years after he has stopped being dependent, a disease that is constantly alive and threatening to him and those he lives with.

Yiannis Yukarinis with his wife

“He didn't grab me by the neck or anything, and he didn't threaten to kill me. It started as a joke, with a table I asked him to fix and put up an umbrella for me. Our moods were tense and there was an outbreak. I called the police to give him a recommendation. I was afraid of the worst. He didn't threaten to kill me. I don't remember “He threatened to kill me. I said we were joking about swearing. He went to lie down. I heard John screaming. I got up to give him a pill. He saw me and I was like a red rag. He was coming at me and we were cursing. We went through an alcohol addiction phase with the verbal abuse and I couldn't take the screaming anymore.” I'm tired,” said the artist's wife, moved by his acquittal, but unable to hide the burden she carried on her shoulders and the dark, indelible memories of her partner's long-term battle with alcoholism, which she herself had fought. He proved to be a valuable and tireless supporter.

When asked if Giannis Yukarinis had beaten her in the past when he was under the influence of alcohol, she answered in the affirmative, but added that even then she was not afraid that he would kill her… her decision, though. This, calling the police, at the time of her husband's explosion, was the most correct one, which every woman in a similar situation should take, which very correctly points to the instinct of self-preservation and security. Because even if the incident of violence, even if it was verbal, turns out to be minor, no one can know how such a situation will develop, no matter how much he loves his partner, and no matter how much he believes in him. After all, it has been proven time and time again that addiction is transformative, and can turn even the most peaceful and loving person into a wild and faithful beast.

Ultimately, Yiannis Yukarinis himself made no secret of the dangerous paths down which his long-term addiction to alcohol led him. The famous artist with long, curly black hair, who became known throughout Greece in the mid-eighties, thanks to the songs “Eulambia” and “Chikaboom”, and who emerged as a major representative of Greek rock music, publicly admitted that he had been addicted to alcohol for years and it took Almost 15 years to be free.

“I've been drinking for many years, I fought it for 15 years, and I've been completely clean for four years. They told me I had a problem,” he said yesterday in court during an interview he gave with his wife two years ago to Mija. And before I had long periods of purging, I would trip over myself. But I wouldn't see him… I had memory lapses. This story took me 13 years to break free. My wife has been a rock by my side for 18 years. If he hadn't been by my side, “I wouldn't have continued on the path I was on. And since many of my friends had left, I would have left, too.”

In the same interview, his wife said meaningfully: “We have been through a very big ditch with Giannis' alcoholism. Giannis has put up a great fight and I am so proud that I was able to make him who he is. I couldn't hear the words 'This is Yukarini and he doesn't change.' I took it nationally.

Having now accepted the serious problem of his addiction, the demon that has been looming over his life for many years, Yiannis Yukarinis continues his efforts to remain “clean” but also to write songs, with the latest single “A Na Hathisi”, which was released, around this time of Last year, in which he recorded his thoughts since the pandemic.

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