December 8, 2023

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Fame Story – Hair tangle with Alexandra Katsaitis: “He lunged at me and attacked me in the dressing room”

Fame Story – Hair tangle with Alexandra Katsaitis: “He lunged at me and attacked me in the dressing room”

“She was very difficult with me,” the Fame Story player said.

With the third episode of the live series, the story of fame presented by Nikos Koklonis came, on Friday evening, to our receivers via the STAR program. Immediately after her theatrical effort, Christina wanted to reveal everything that happened a few hours ago with Alexandra Katsaiti.

In fact, the charming student at the Music Academy has filed very strong complaints against the famous image maker and Fame Story teacher. “I didn’t make any mistakes in the lesson, he said. There was chaos, after she refused very politely, because they had a fight with other partners who prevented her from making changes. So I didn’t create chaos. I refused to change my shoes after the rehearsal because I want to feel stable in my shoes.” When I dance like I have been doing for 10 years now.

“However, I explained it to her very politely and I did not get hysterical, as you saw in the video because I saw something very hypocritical. So ‘Don’t touch me’ happened yesterday because Ms. Katsaite attacked me. She found me in the dressing room, where I was waiting for her to finish her work and I saw And I try on an outfit that I like and I saw it on another singer I worked with. The lady comes in. Katsaite, I’m in the mirror, I don’t understand what’s happening and I feel someone pulling my clothes from me. He said to me: “Take it off now, take it off now.” I’m in shock, and I ask her to… “That moment is when you get up and leave because I don’t even let my father touch me.”

“She would rip the clothes off if I left her at that moment and I’m not over the top at all. I told her to get off of me and she stayed here and told me I didn’t respect her and that I was very defiant in general. A visibly upset Christina said on Fame Story Live on Friday night: “I don’t like this situation at all, and it’s not my personality at all, but since there are cameras and I’m exposed, I have to defend myself,” Najma said.

“I don’t have any insecurities and I don’t doubt that someone wants to make me a star. But if he wants to make me a star and attack me and create me psychologically, then I don’t agree that this is the way to become a star at all. Miss.” Katsaite assumed that I “I chose the outfit and she rushed towards me! I didn’t understand her, I didn’t even notice her in my field of vision and she was pulling my clothes and ordering me to take them off.”