May 21, 2024

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Venus in Taurus 04/29/2024 – 05/23/2024: Which zodiac signs will you favor in their love affairs?

Venus in Taurus 04/29/2024 – 05/23/2024: Which zodiac signs will you favor in their love affairs?

Venus in Taurus 04/29/2024 – 05/23/2024: Which zodiac signs will you favor in their love affairs?

On April 29, 2024, the planet of love and relationships, Venus, will move into the sign ruled by Taurus, where it will remain until May 23, 2024. During the previous period in fiery Aries, relationships were intense and passionate and there was a competitive mood between us and our partner. For some, new romantic relationships and situations may have begun, while others were able to assert their desires with more courage and determination.

Stabilize the situation

Now with Venus in earth sign Taurus, some situations will stabilize and we will seek harmony and calm in our relationships. Tones will be lowered, we will try to stay away from dramas, tensions and questionable situations and we will do our best to feel safe and secure with the other person. If you are still at the beginning of a romantic acquaintance, with Venus in Taurus you will take your time to open up and feel more intimate and plan your steps slowly and carefully. Impulsive movements, exaggerations and impressions have no place now in the game of love and we will feel the need to calm things down and restore balance.

Sensation and pleasure

Venus in Taurus creates a sweet and beautiful atmosphere and reminds us that love is experienced with all the senses. Touch, beautiful smells, good food and wine are essential ingredients for a romantic encounter under the influence of Venus. So we will give more importance to the small pleasures of life and we will be willing to invest only in those situations and people who really deserve it and who have proven it in practice. After all, Taurus is a practical sign, he does not care about words and promises that are not accompanied by action. This Venus gives us the ability to devote ourselves completely to our relationships and we will look for duration and quality in the romantic situations in which we will participate. On the other hand, we are very likely to feel possessive and intensely jealous, especially if we feel insecure in our relationships. So try to give space and time to others and do not push situations too much because you may get results that are opposite to what you want. Allow this sensual and gentle Venus to create new, stable, and fresh foundations in your relationships and bring you closer to the people you love and care about.

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Let's see what three signs Venus in Taurus will prefer


You are the one who will host Venus in your sign, so you will be among the most favored people for this position. What you need most now is harmony and calm in your personal relationships and that is why you will do everything to make everything flow more harmoniously and avoid tensions. You are willing to make concessions and compromises and will act diplomatically to achieve your desires. Your ruler in your zodiac sign will endow you with beauty, sweetness and charm and you will be able to win others over easily and take them to your side. If you're single, make the most of Venus in your sign to get back in the love game, socialize, meet new people, and generally bring out your best self. You will make a good first impression on others and will be able to approach the person you are interested in with more comfort and confidence. Until 05/23, you will have to put aside the problems of everyday life for a while and you will feel the desire to have a good time, relax and indulge in pleasures of all kinds. If you are already in a relationship, Venus will help you get closer to your partner, resolve your differences, and finally find a common thread. You will feel calm and secure and will be able to express love and affection to your partner. So allow yourself to shine, have a good time, and enjoy the joys of love.

the scorpion

As of 04/29, Venus moves into Taurus and activates the sector that for you symbolizes personal relationships or your marriage. This means that until 05/23 you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, as the atmosphere will be much sweeter and you will be able to resolve any disagreements and disagreements that may have existed during the previous period. You will be able to make concessions and concessions more easily now, and there will be a mutual desire to listen and understand each other. There is no reason to create tensions or for one of the parties to try to impose themselves, everything can be resolved in a more beautiful way. Venus in Taurus will stabilize the existing relationship and create the right conditions to get closer to your partner or get closer to the person you care about. It's also the perfect opportunity to formalize a relationship or take it to the next level. If you are single, it is possible during this time that you will get to know someone who will make you feel good and boost your self-confidence. Romance will be at its peak and you will feel a strong need for companionship and companionship. So the people who are next to you or who you will meet now on your way will play a decisive role and will help you feel beautiful and safe above all else. So do not close yourself in and allow others to show you and prove their love and care.

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Venus enters friendly Taurus and activates the sector related to love, flirtation, fun, and joy. This means that until 05/23 you will have the opportunity to relax, have a good time and put aside all your worries. This period will be very romantic for you, and it is possible that you will meet a new person, which will renew you and enhance your self-confidence. It is also a fact that this position of Venus will help you bring out your best and charm everyone without putting in much effort. Although you are generally modest, low-key, and down-to-earth, you will now feel the need to be the center of attention and receive attention, affirmation, and appreciation. You will connect with your inner child, you will let down your defenses, and you will not hesitate to flirt, have fun, and know yourself well. You will be more demanding of others, but in turn you will be giving and express your care or even love. If you are already in a relationship, you will have the opportunity to reignite the flame and excitement between you and do activities that will bring you closer together. Therefore, this is a rather interesting and happy time, which you should make the most of.