June 1, 2023

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Sasmus: Calliope’s encounter with little Beatrice excited on Twitter! “hug your grandson”

Another exciting episode of the “Alpha” drama series, sasmosWe watched it on Tuesday evening, May 2nd.

SASMOS – What we saw in tonight’s episode

Calliope shared with Asteris the story of the curse that haunted both families. He dismisses her claims and demands something from Argyro, leaving her speechless. Theodora learns the truth about Lefteris’ identity and he leaves the house in anger. At the same time, Ephthymis tried to pick up his pieces and regroup, while Jenny was disturbed by the conversation she overheard between Nikephoros and Manolis.

Sasmos – the scene that got Twitter excited

One of the scenes that sparked Twitter, however, was when Calliope She went to her sons workshop and met him a star, Ha silver, Ha Vasiliki and the Little Peter.

the Calliope He made very nice comments about this little guy run out She does not know that he is her grandson and again he reports it a star Her complaint about when she will become a grandmother.

Of course, Twitter did not leave this particular passage unaddressed and spoke of a “tragic irony”.

See below some of the best tweets the FTHIS.GR team has collected:

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