June 23, 2024

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Maroosee: Shooting outside nightclub – one dead, one injured

Maroosee: Shooting outside nightclub – one dead, one injured

Police investigations are ongoing into a bloody shooting outside a nightclub in Maroussi at around 3:40am, which left a man tragically dead with a neck injury.

As Stavros Palaskas told Maga, “Two young men who had been arguing with each other pulled out pistols when the fight escalated. The others dispersed when they heard gunshots.

According to the same sources, 9 people have testified about the incidentThe. The two men belonged to a larger group, though the exact reason for the shooting is not known.

A history of shootings

A shooting outside a nightclub on Kifisias Avenue in Maroussi took place around 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, resulting in the death of one person and the serious injury of another.

An argument broke out between at least two people. The deceased, whose other details are not known, was rushed to hospital after sustaining an injury to his neck, while the injured was hospitalized with abdominal injuries.


The victim has a knife or gunshot wound to the neck.

The injured is a soldier and is of Greek origin and has an abdominal wound, while there is no information yet on the person who lost his life.

It is not known if the people involved in the incident were inside the nightclub when they came out and argued or something else happened.

The Attica Security Directorate has conducted a preliminary investigation.

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