February 26, 2024

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Patras: “He left the doctors” – 26-year-old Lydia's partner left who died suddenly

Patras: “He left the doctors” – 26-year-old Lydia's partner left who died suddenly

«He left because there was no doctor on callexplodes 26-year-old Lydia's partnerwho went to his “Agios Andreas” hospital Patras with panic attack symptoms and he breathed his last a few days later.

Something sudden Death Lydia, 26, raises questions. Her partner spoke to Live News where she detailed the history of her hospitalization.

“He came with symptoms of a panic attack. We took him to the hospital, we did tests, everything was fine, nothing showed up. We will sit, he will have 14 days for treatment and follow-up, if he catches it again, he tells me,” he said.

26-year-old Lydia showed improvement day by day. His family believed that the day of evacuation was near.

“So when these are over and we say, 'Thank God, we'll go out and go home,' the fever rises. We choose again. Are all the choices right? Hematoma, head tumor, everything. They tell me.''It's nothing. It must be from the antibiotic drugs he is consuming.''» Describes Lydia's partner.

The fever did not subside. Doctors gave the young woman painkillers, but the 26-year-old was unsuccessful.

“He left because of a doctor's mistake”

«He “ran away” from pediatricians. Because on the last day there was no doctor on duty from seven in the afternoon to 12-1. A doctor, not a doctor in training,” blasts her companion.

Her decision Postmortem The cause of death of the unfortunate 26-year-old was attributed to pleurisy, an inflammation of the lung membranes.

“He was a very happy being. His family, neighbors could tell… he was the happiest person to be there,” the 26-year-old's partner gushed.

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