July 20, 2024

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“Your effort is fair, come to negotiate”

“Your effort is fair, come to negotiate”

The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis, opened the 30th annual Agrotika and invited the mobilizing farmers to join the dialogue table with the leadership of HYPAAT to find better solutions to their problems. 4/2) organized by TIF-Helexpo at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki.

“We are ready for cooperation and joint efforts at the national and European level. You are not alone, we are together, with the desire to find common concerns and solutions and provide answers to problems,” he pointed out.

The YPAAT staff and the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis “bravely and timelessly stood by the farmers of our country. We do the same now. Together, we declare our readiness for cooperation and joint efforts at the national and European level, with full understanding of the difficulties and motivations that led you to the streets”, the efforts of the agricultural world. Emphasized the classification HYPAAT. Fair”, in the country and across Europe.

Above all, he pointed out, “By mobilizing people in the primary sector, we can highlight the critical issues that are crushing their efforts. We are aware of the problems and work together to provide substantive solutions and relieve stress, anxiety and uncertainty about their future.”

Change of primary domain

Mentioning general measures to strengthen agricultural production, the AAT Ministry indicated the use of the following:

*Interconnection of agricultural production with tourism and culture through leaders, 600 million euros.

*New call for development projects with a budget of 230 million euros

*€235 million compensation in vulnerable and disadvantaged areas, awarded in December.

*Sources of recovery funds, of which 420 million are being channeled to the economic transformation of the agricultural sector and 18 million euros to investment in aquaculture.

*The resources of the “YDOR 2.0” program are used for the modernization of land development projects, whereby 4 billion euros are used.

Among other things, he spoke about the consolidation of OPEKEPE, about the continuation of restrictions on the market and at the entrance gates of the country with the aim of protecting consumers, milk producers and our Greek livestock farmers. Milk price should be protected. “We will be relentless in this,” and made a special mention of international efforts to support the primary sector.

Referring to Thessaly, “the real challenge is to secure the future of the region, how to give life to the Thessalian Plain, the orchard of our country, but how to protect every corner of our homeland against future attacks. Climate crisis is very possible,” he emphasized and noted the measures taken.

HYPAAT was singled out for its efforts to strengthen rural education. “We are making a leap of knowledge,” he said characteristically, pointing to the upgrade of the Maysara Agricultural School.

He also mentioned the establishment of agricultural departments in the Chambers, “We are opening doors for business, in an organized manner to the community in the primary sector, while at the same time we are creating modern, informational resources. And a data registry of professional farmers, cattle breeders, beekeepers and fishermen”.

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