June 25, 2024

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Pan-Academic Rally: Now Episodes in the Center of Athens

Pan-Academic Rally: Now Episodes in the Center of Athens

The incidents took place in Syntagma where the public education rally was going on.

Academic rally for virtual universities with the participation of students, students and teachers in the Propylaia, scheduled at 12 p.m.

When the march reached Syntagma, a clash broke out between the students and the police, to which the MAT men retaliated by firing tear gas.

According to the information recorded on his camera Inside The injured student is seen being carried away by fellow students.

See photos and videos:

The education movement is in full swing and intensifying its activities, with students holding new rounds of public meetings, occupations in several schools across the country and new rallies until the withdrawal of the immediate government bill to establish private universities. .

A large number of students are taking part in mobilizations with occupations in schools and calling for rallies again.

As education federations call for fresh strikes and rallies, OLME supports the public nature of education with its announcement.

“We'll make it to the end”

“We believe the reason the bill hasn't been tabled is because the wave of unrest that has erupted across the country has put pressure on the government. There has been a lot of reaction from across the academic community,” says Neli Iliopoulos from the law school. Inside.

“Until the bill is withdrawn, even as an idea, we are determined to see it through to the end,” he asserted and continued: “Prosecutor intervention against students is a blow to democracy and academic freedom.”

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“…we are fighting for substantial improvement of our course”

“Here we are on another Thursday… Our goal is to keep the bill from being tabled in Parliament for a month… We are fighting for a substantial improvement in education. Funding, equipment… Next Thursday, February 8, when the Pan-Hellenic University Rally takes place, we now announce that Athens will be flooded,” says Eugenia Kiriakolako, President of the Agricultural University Student Union, speaking inside.