July 20, 2024

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Mitsotakis from Brussels: In support of the Commission's proposal to end the fallow period

Mitsotakis from Brussels: In support of the Commission's proposal to end the fallow period

“Greece, from the first moment, was in favor of the proposed plan European Commission So there is a A break in the barren regime For cultivated lands on a European scale. As long as we move in this direction, it is possible to free up additional land for cultivation so that our farmers can earn additional income through the sale of produce and increased patronage,” the Prime Minister said. Kiriakos Mitsotakis As soon as he reached the summit Brussels.

“From there, I repeat what I said yesterday, the Greek government in the context of its financial possibilities Always close to the primary domain As he has done for four-and-a-half years, we will continue to do so, so that we can meet the legitimate demands of our farmers and breeders as much as possible,” the Prime Minister asserted.

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to Ukraine The Prime Minister expressed hope that we will reach an agreement at this summit. It is very important to free up additional resources and secure additional resources for her Ukraine, We decide one way or another to find a solution.” In comparison, said Kyriakos Mitsotakis “At the last Council, Hungary did not allow us the necessary consensus to revise the multi-year budget framework and provide significant financial assistance to Ukraine. I am confident that the 27 countries will reach an agreement that will provide a solution to this critical issue. It is important to release additional resources of the financial framework to support the countries facing it. The refugee crisis But to support Ukraine, which is fighting existentially for its independence. We are determined one way or the other to find a solution today».

It reminds me of the last Nekobox that was there Political agreement of 26 of the 27 heads of state of the European Union At the European Council last December, it included Greece's concerns and priorities, in addition to financing for Ukraine, as well as those set by Kyriakos Mitsotakis. In particular, it has provided for increased funding for the 2014-2020 period to deal with migration and natural disasters, as well as flexibility in the use of community resources.

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Amidst farmers' mobilizations, organizing a major demonstration, European leaders meet at an extraordinary European Council in Brussels.

They are invited to agree on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2021-2027, which includes a major macro-economic financial support for Ukraine of 50 billion euros.

The 26 EU member states, with the exception of Hungary, agree on macroeconomic assistance to Ukraine (17 billion euros in grants, 33 billion euros in loans) for the period 2024-2027 to reach a consensus decision. Despite intense negotiations with Hungary to overturn Viktor Orbán's veto, mediation started by the European Council last December and until today, the Hungarian prime minister is still setting his own conditions for a yes to “Ukraine facilitation”. Collection.

The Hungary It proposed an annual unanimous assessment of Ukraine's economic aid, which was not accepted by other member states because it Victor Orban The right of veto must be exercised every year.

As a compromise, the EU proposes an annual debate at the level of European leaders on financial aid to Ukraine, without consensus.

However, discussions so far between member states at ambassadorial level have shown little sign of flexibility on the part of Budapest, angering most European capitals.

“Preserving the agreement is vital to our credibility – above all our commitment to provide sustainable support to Ukraine. The burden falls solely on us to find a solution and fulfill our obligations,” the European Council president stressed in a letter to European leaders. Charles Michael.

“At our last meeting in December, the 26 leaders strongly supported a balanced negotiating framework that took into account a clear set of key priorities – support for Ukraine, managing migration and its external dimension, support for the Western Balkans and our response to natural disasters. This negotiating framework between 27” Lays the groundwork for finalizing a contract.

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Additionally, European leaders are expected to discuss military support Ukraine.

According to the text of the draft conclusions, the EU and its member states are expected to reiterate their commitment to continue providing “timely, predictable and sustainable” military support to Ukraine, particularly through the “European Peace Mechanism” (EPM). EU education work, but also through direct bilateral support. 27 will discuss the progress of EMU reform, which should move from a “logic of reserves” to a “logic of public distribution”. If accepted by all member states, the results could mean an increase of the EME's total financial ceiling by 5 billion euros. Heads of state and government are expected to call on the Council to reach a swift agreement on EMU reform by March.

European leaders are also expected to reiterate the urgent need to speed up supplies of munitions and missiles to Ukraine, particularly in the face of a pledge to deliver one million artillery shells to Kiev by March 2024 – a target that cannot be met, EU defense ministers meeting in Brussels agreed yesterday.

Besides, “dramatic events in the Middle East that require our utmost attention” will occupy the summit, as Charles Michael said in his letter, “In light of worrying regional developments, we must address security issues. Continue to promote restraint and discuss measures to prevent further territorial expansion, particularly in the Red Sea.”

According to Charles MichaelEuropean leaders should also discuss renewing the political process for a two-state solution in the Middle East, “the only viable option that can bring lasting peace and improved regional security to both Israelis and Palestinians.”

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The Agrarian problem It is not officially included in the agenda of the European Council. But with farmers' mobilization taking place in many EU member states, it is almost certain that it will be discussed by EU leaders on the sidelines or at the Senate table.

As European leaders come to the European Council, many Hundreds of tractors and thousands of farmers from Belgium And other EU countries have already flooded the European capital, demanding loosening of Green Deal measures and the new Common Agricultural Policy.

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