July 22, 2024

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He went to put on his shoes and the snake bit him – I didn’t realize it was a snake, says the 50-year-old

He went to put on his shoes and the snake bit him – I didn’t realize it was a snake, says the 50-year-old

A 50-year-old man in Patras described being bitten by a snake when he went to put on his shoes and felt a bite because he didn’t realize the snake was hiding inside his work boots, eventually sending him to hospital. .

Speaking to Mega and Live News, the 50-year-old, who was battling for life from a snake bite, explained how it all started last Thursday afternoon when he came out of his house in Patras to change a pair of shoes. to his work.

“It was inside the shoe. I went to take off my old clothes and get dressed for work. I was in a bit of pain then, and at first I didn’t realize it was a snake,” the 50-year-old man said, retreating, and then the snake came out and bit him again. “She stung me twice, she got back into the shoe, she’s small. Then I lost consciousness and didn’t understand what had happened.”

Video by a 50-year-old man:

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A 50-year-old man was shocked when he saw a snake coming in front of him. After the second bite, he called a neighbor to come and help him. He was already beginning to lose consciousness. “I went and found him and he was already dead. When I looked down, he was down. Half unconscious, he was drooling and he was talking to me forcefully,” the neighbor said.

The snake’s venom had already begun to affect his system. His friend came outside the house with two other men and found the 50-year-old collapsed with a bleeding head from falling.

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“The only thing he told me was that he ate him, one on his arm, one on his leg, he was hit on the head, he bled a little around the 2 cm wound, we thought it was a stroke, telling us where to fall; we took him to the farm, in the cart , we took him to the health center in Erymantia”.

Doctors at the health center decided to immediately transfer the 50-year-old man to the hospital, where the man was in hemorrhagic shock and was given an anti-inflammatory serum. “Bad happened. After we were saved, finally good, all is well,” concluded the 50-year-old man who had overcome the danger.

In the early hours of the morning, merchants in the center of Patras alerted the fire department after spotting a large snake… slitting the pavement. “It must have been two meters. He was outside my door and he went and hid in the car.

Snakes of all kinds come out of hibernation and their venom is so potent that experts urge us all to be careful. “Now that they’ve woken up with a big poison, we have to be very careful,” says Anna Mastorago, president of the Patras Medical Association.

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