May 18, 2024

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Helicopter crash in Evia: Massive rescue operation underway

Helicopter crash in Evia: Massive rescue operation underway

A major rescue operation is underway in the Achladi Sea in the north EviaWhere before Agusta A109 civil helicopter crashes.

Specifically, there are boats in the area Coast Guard But private boats, while operating a helicopter for air rescue operations Super PumaIt flew to the scene from its 111th Fighter Wing Air Force.

Also, an underwater task force was mobilized to assist in the investigation.

Video: Moment of helicopter crash in North Evia

Information for two residents

According to reports so far, two passengers were on board the crashed helicopter and they are missing. It is noteworthy that one person has been announced in the flight plan.

Helicopter Afitnoi – operated private flight in Volos industrial area.

Again, due to bad weather, it landed temporarily at Montudi in Evia, from where it took off for Pelion at 10.13 am.

However, shortly after, it disappeared from CAA radar while flying over northern Evia.

What an eyewitness told “K”.

“I went out and saw that it was going very low, touched the sea. We say that something is looking for, so the flood and after a while we assumed We heard a noise and it was gone“, said an eyewitness “K”.

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