April 19, 2024

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Her photo with Taylor Swift backstage at her concert

Her photo with Taylor Swift backstage at her concert

Disagreement between them Taylor Swift Which Kate Berry It is now a thing of the past and now the two women support each other in their steps in the music industry.

At Taylor Swift's concert in Sydney, Australia on Friday night, Katy Perry was in attendance.

The singer performed in a crowded stadium with her friend and fellow singer Rita Ora. In fact, he then went to the dressing room and took a photo with Taylor Swift, showing the public that their relationship was now good.

Katy Perry posted the photo on her personal Instagram account, along with other photos from the party. Among them was a photo of her and Rita Ora watching the concert.

“I gotta see an old friend shine tonight.”“, she wrote in the caption that accompanied her post.

Check the screenshots:

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