April 19, 2024

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Those who watch the new Sora AI videos are in for a shock

Those who watch the new Sora AI videos are in for a shock

Model detection Sora Ha OpenAI Opening a new chapter in the history of artificial intelligence, we witnessed an absolutely stunning sample of realistic video creation, which fools even the most experienced eyes. All this with just a few commands, she was able to create anything from people walking at night in Tokyo to shooting a video of a jeep with a drone.

The Sora team has released a bunch of new videos since the day the AI ​​video creation model was revealed, and these are the only ones Sora has released, as they have not yet been released to the general public except for a small number of academics and researchers. the reason; Naturally, there are serious risks to society from the misuse of such a powerful model in the wrong hands, which is why it should be examined by the competent authorities who will evaluate its condition..

But the crux of the matter are the brand new videos released by academics and researchers who have been approved by OpenAI to use Sora, which once again amazed us with their realism.

You'll see little Samoyed puppies become chefs, a A fox carries a toucan as it wanders around Santorini, a diver with his GoPro exploring a futuristic shipwreck, a man skydiving with his parrot, a cat partying wildly in a dark club, a hyper-realistic white dragon with blue eyes and many other fantastical scenes. What they have in common is that their realism is… scary!

Watch new Sora AI videos

What is Sora?

The name Sora comes from the Japanese language and means sky. It is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI that specializes in creating realistic and imagined video content through written commands. It can create videos up to one minute long, maintaining high visual quality and faithfully following the instructions provided, bringing the natural world to life with stunning realism. This leap toward full AI capabilities is blurring the lines between the real and the virtual, revolutionizing content creation.

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