May 22, 2024

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Elon Musk publishes a new video with the Tesla Optimus robot!

Elon Musk publishes a new video with the Tesla Optimus robot!

Through his official account on the social networking site X, Elon Musk New video released from Optimus Her robot Tesla. As expected, the entrepreneur's post attracted a lot of attention, with more than 20 million views in just a few hours, since his entire company's project is very impressive.

Naturally, the video quality is extremely low for some reason, leaving some users wondering what exactly went wrong. Anyway, you can check out the latest footage of the Optimus robot wandering around Tesla's labs via the player included in the post below.

For the record, below you'll also find the latest official Optimus demo video from Tesla's YouTube channel.

This introduces the second generation of the Optimus droid, which brings many changes in appearance and despite the short time that has passed since the first generation, it has significantly advanced capabilities.

Going into details, the Optimus Gen 2 is exclusively equipped with sensors and motors designed by Tesla itself. As the video shows, his hands are much faster and more dexterous, and his fingers are eerily similar to human fingers in how they move. Meanwhile, Optimus Gen 2 can walk much faster, has a lower overall weight, and his neck now has joints that allow him to move.

One of Tesla's most impressive demonstrations in the video is handling an egg without crushing it. This shows how the Optimus robot can manipulate its limbs with such delicacy and precision that it can manipulate such a delicate object.

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