April 13, 2024

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The “garage” with precious and rare antiques… hidden in the forest

The “garage” with precious and rare antiques… hidden in the forest

Deep in the German forest, there is a surreal car cemetery that has to be seen to be believed. It is a 20-acre field located 12 km east of Düsseldorf and in Sothica that hides amazing treasure.

All of these cars cost millions, and as is easy to understand, these rare and collectible cars are usually maintained at great expense. However, this is not a group waiting to regain their youth, but rather one that has been allowed to blend in with the environment.

More specifically, this “park” was created by German car dealer, designer and manufacturer, Michael Frohlich, in 2000. It all started when he gifted himself fifty classic cars, in celebration of his fiftieth birthday. It was manufactured in the same year as its birth, i.e. 1950.

But he didn't buy all these models to preserve them and give them a second chance, he made them his own just to watch them rot and reunite with Mother Nature. The truth is that it has spent many millions to prove its superiority.

The first car he got and “flew” into the German forest was a white Jaguar that also distinguished itself in classic car racing. A competing Porsche followed, then 48 more from around the world.

But in these circumstances, the make and model do not matter much. Their rust and decay over time is a given, as are the new colors that nature has given them.

The creator of this “theme” park has succeeded in achieving its goal because it proves things known to all of us. Mother Nature doesn't joke around and balances out everything we do, no matter how much we “deserve it.”

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In addition, we should mention that this particular cemetery contains not only cars, but also a plane, various tractors, an English telephone booth as well as a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Finally, it is worth noting that the oils and various other liquids that were present in the cars were removed before leaving them in the arms of Mother Nature, so that the beauty of the landscape does not worsen. This particular park is only open on Sundays, has an entrance fee, and you need to book in advance to browse its treasures.

Source: carandmotor.gr

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